Your Personal College Counselor.
You get:
  • Assessment of your college candidacy
  • Advice on how to improve
  • Odds of admission to your colleges
  • Recommendations of colleges for you

"Katie's Admit Insights report was more valuable than the material we received from a $4,000 admissions consultant. Why isn't every college applicant using this site?"

– Tom K., Parent - Hartford, CT

"My report was almost 10 pages and I couldn't believe how detailed and personalized it was. It covered everything - the areas that were strong and those that were not...Thank you for this service."

– Kelli, High School Graduate/
College Freshman

"I encourage my students to consider Admit Insights because it is the only tool I know of that accounts for the 'softer' skills - extras, athletics, honors, etc..."

– Donna, High School Counselor

"As a sophomore I am able to put in different scenarios....to understand what it will take to get into the United States Naval Academy. Your report convinced me to sign up for a third year of foreign language...Thanks..."

– Trent D., High School Student

"My report suggested a school I hadn't considered but actually is ranked better than several I was considering. After some research, I added it to my target list."

– Carmen G., High School Student
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Admit Insights - College Admission Advice

How competitive is my college admission application?  Will my first choice accept me?  What will admissions committees like about my profile?  What will they see as my weaknesses?  Are my extras good enough?  Enough science?  How's my SAT? What can I do now to improve my application and my dream college chances?
Admit Insights has the answers.  Admit Insights is your personal college admission counselor!  Simply provide your detailed profile information and immediately download your personalized and custom college admissions report - the same report you could get from a private college counselor. 
At Admit Insights we serve as your personal college counselor.  We combine our exclusive database of 1400+ colleges and our proprietary analysis engines to deliver low cost, immediate, personalized advice to high school students and their parents.  We know and help you understand your dream colleges' admission requirements. 
You get:
  • A Candidate Strength Score™ assessing the strength of your college admission application compared with other college applicants.
  • A 12+ page personalized report providing insight and customized college admission counseling. This report will assess strengths and weaknesses of your profile as seen through the eyes of a college admissions committee.
  • Odds of admission at your targeted schools (college chances).
  • Suggestions for other universities and colleges that match your profile

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